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Hi !
I am Asfodhell, a French Vape hobbyist.
My last cigarette was in April 2018, when a viewer (GingerNuttz88) on my Twitch channel told me about vaping and how it could help me get rid of that nasty habit.
After 3 weeks without Nicotine, I recieved my first Vape, a Kamry K1000 Plus e-pipe, which immediately calmed my nerves and helped me get through the day.
Soon after, I chose to upgrade it for the Eleaf Istick TC100W along with the Eleaf LEMO2. My first proper Vape and my first "rebuildable".
That was it, I was hooked. Took the whole thing as a hobby and never looked back.
Having a tinkering mind, I had to dig deeper, see what does what, how one design is superior to another...

My collection grows by the day, and so does my curiosity and knowledge !

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  • Created By:Asfodhell