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MTL RTA atomizer
Entirely built in 316L stainless steel (PEEK insulators and polished PMMA tank)
VR Drip tip | 15-10 included
Tank capacity: 4.51ml
Dimensions: 22 × 56 mm
Empty weight: 50g
Air adjustment ring with holes of:
1 - 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6 - 1.8 - 2 (mm)

Standard sub-coil air with 3 holes of 0.8 offset with respect to the resistance
Double independent "regulation" of the liquid (ON-OFF and liquid regulation through 4 holes)
Immediate access to the deck and regenerable with full tank without losses.
Special processing on the bottom of the Deck designed to feed always and in any case even with bad regenerations (pressed or badly made cotton)
Orbital adjustment of the air flow through an internal ring nut such as the 4.32 RDTA. By continuing to rotate the toothed ring after reaching the limit switch, the internal one will also rotate, to orient all the air holes on 360 degrees.
Hypoallergenic internal air filter that silences the shot and reduces the turbulence of the intake air, creating a pleasant contrast even with the largest holes, washable even when the tank is full.
Convenient and quick disassembly and cleaning, the upper part as well as the lower one has only 3 pieces and a single action to disassemble it.
Interchangeable “4.32 Style” internal bell with dedicated tool / coiljig.
Refill from the top on O-rings (no thread that puts pressure on the tank) with 3.5 mm hole also compatible with glass pipettes.

1x “4.51” RTA with polished PMMA tank and standard mounted bell
1x Top Cap Naked
1x Dark Bell
1x Flat Bell
1x Bells Tool / coil-jig with interchangeable and mountable 2.75-2.5-2.25-2 mm tips
1x Spare Parts 

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