Augvape VX200 : 510 FIX Published on 14-Aug-2019 by Asfodhell



Today I decided to fix the loose 510 plate on one of my Augvape VX200.
Previous video on this device's issues :
Thanks to Augvape for sending me a new one which came from a later batch where these issues got mostly fixed (limitation to 65w in Temp Control Mode is still an issue).

Disclaimer :
I do NOT recommend anyone to try and repair their own products.
It is simply an experience.
I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for your actions.
Any damage you would inflict on yourself or the device is your own fault..

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Asfodhell 2 years ago
Small update : After 3 weeks, this 510 connector is once again getting loose .... This time, it looks like the ohm reading is getting a bit wild ; going from 0.15 to 0.17 ohms on a Ni80 coil build. You can see the tank moving (loose 510) in my latest video ;
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